FCC Application Process Overview

How do I apply for my FCC commercial radio operator license? 

Once you pass the required element exam(s) for the FCC license that you are pursuing, Mariners Learning System will electronically file your license application with the FCC on your behalf. 


Email FCCtesting@marinerslearningsystem.com the following items:

  • Your MLS certificate of completion(s) for each required FCC Element
    • This can be found at the end of your exam once you enter the classroom.

    WARNING: If you do not include this as part of your application packet, your timeline will be severely DELAYED


    When filling out the two forms, complete them to the best of your ability. These FCC forms are used for a variety of different licenses, so if it doesn’t make sense to you, leave it blank. We have highlighted to key sections you should be completing. 


    If you check "Yes" for #28 on the 605 Main Form, please read our article on Documenting  a Court Conviction for additional steps. 


    NOTE: If Mariners Learning System is missing any information, we will contact you.