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FCC Application Process Documenting a Court Conviction

I selected "Yes" for #28 on my FCC 605 Main Form, now what? 

If you marked “Yes” for #28 on the FCC 605 Main Form, you would also need to check off “Yes” on #8 of the same form.  


You will need to submit an attachment stating your court conviction, along with the rest of your FCC application packet. 


FCC Court Conviction


How do I attach my felony charge to my FCC application packet?

Supplement your filing to provide the following information:

  • Your exhibit should set forth all felony charges of which you were convicted
  • Explain the incidents underlying the charges
  • When they occurred
  • State the sentences imposed and whether they have been served

NOTE: This should include felonies committed as minor, those that have been expunged from records, and those for which a pardon has been issued.