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FCC Application Process: 605 Main Form

You can download and print 605 Main Form here.  


What is 605 Main Form?  

The 605 Main Form is used for all FCC credentials, both for original first time FCC applications and for license modifications. Pages 1 - 9 cover instructions; pages 10 - 12 are the actual sections we need completed. We DO NOT need the instructions sent back to us, please only send back the filled out forms. 


How do I complete this form? 

Fill out this form to the best of your ability. These forms are used for a variety of licenses within the FCC world, therefore, we do not require all sections. The fillable form highlights the key components we need. 


Which do I select for the Application Purpose? 

You will select NE for original applications, even if you are upgrading from one level to another. If you are modifying your current license by adding a Ship Radar Endorsement, select MD


Do I select Yes or No for #8: Are attachments being filed with this application? 

You will select NO every time UNLESS you are documenting a court conviction(s). If YES, click here to learn about the attachment you must submit. 


What is an FRN?  

An FRN is a number issued by the FCC as your registration identity throughout your journey with the FCC. Each FRN is unique to the registrant. If you do not have an FRN, please register for one here


Do I need to do anything extra for #28: Basic Qualifications if I answered yes?  

If you marked “Yes” for #28 on the FCC 605 Main Form, you would also need to check off “Yes” on #8 of the same form.  


Also, you will need to provide additional information regarding your conviction. Supplement your filing to provide the following information:  

  • Your exhibit should set forth all felony charges of which you were convicted 
  • Explain the incidents underlying the charges  
  • When they occurred 
  • State the sentences imposed and whether they have been served 


This should include felonies committed as minor, those that have been expunged from records, and those for which a pardon has been issued. You can find out more information here


Can I e-sign for #30: Signature?  

You can e-sign for #30 where it asks for your signature. However, it will need to be a signature. A printed name will be rejected.