Towing Endorsement General Information

What is a general overview of the Towing Endorsement? 

The Towing Endorsement may be issued to those who hold a Six-Pack or Masters license and would like to engage in assisting vessels for a fee. To "commercially assist" other vessels that may be aground, disabled or out of fuel, or experiencing some other malfunction requires an endorsement for Commercial Assistance Towing.  




What would I use my Towing Endorsement for?  

You can use your Towing Endorsement for commercial assistance towing. This would be a "Towing for Hire," such as the activities of a TowBoat U.S. operator towing a disabled vessel to its homeport.  


Where can the Towing Endorsement be issued?  

The Assistance Towing Endorsement is attached to your existing OUPV/Six-Pack or Masters level license and will take on those areas of operation. 


Can I get a Towing Endorsement if I were to operate a tugboat?  

The USCG Towing Endorsement is NOT a "Towing" license for the operation of a tugboat. You will need to call the Coast Guard at 888-427-5662 for directions on that license.