Captain's Online Testing: Requirements

Requirements Made Clear: Navigate the Online Testing with Mariners Learning System

How can I take my captain’s license exam online?  

Taking a test, online or not, can be a little nerve-wracking. Mariners Learning System provides a simple, effective way to earn your captain’s license from Six-Pack to Master Captain’s licenses and be tested online. 


Let’s break down what you need to start your exam: 

  • A thorough understanding of the materials covered in your MLS course of choice 
  • A high-speed Internet connection and a desktop or laptop with a webcam and microphone 
  • A quiet area to take the exam where there are no interruptions or distractions 
  • A clean area around your computer free of papers, books, phones, and other clutter 
  • The ability to download our software through your MLS account to access your exam 


Scan our System Requirements to make sure you computer is ready to go.


Is there online support when taking my online exam?  

Chat Agent

Are you worried about technical complications during your test? Don't be.


We have chat agents available to assist you 24/7


Each agent is ready to offer fast, reliable support to make your testing experience as easy as possible. 


Learn more about our online testing here


What is an acceptable form of photo identification? 

During the MLS online proctored exam start up sequence, you will need to provide photo ID, so we can verify it is really you taking the exam. You can provide the camera with any of the following legible photocopies of USCG recognized photo identification:  

  • U.S. driver’s license 
  • U.S. Passport, Foreign Passport 
  • Law enforcement credential, with photograph of the applicant, issued by Federal, State or local government 
  • U.S. Military identification card 
  • Official identification card issued by a State, or local government 
  • Official identification card issued by the Federal Government 
  • Merchant Marine Document issued after February 3, 2003 


What chart plotting tools can I during the chart plotting module of the OUPV/Six-Pack final exam? 

Students can use a yard stick, triangles, parallel protractor, and parallel plotters during the final proctored exam.  


WARNING: Anything with a DST wheel is prohibited.