Create an Account

How can I create an account with Mariners Learning System? 

Creating an account on Mariners Learning System is easy! Follow these simple steps to get started:  

  1. Go to   


   2.  In the upper right corner, click the person icon to login



   3.  Click Create an Account under New Customers 


   4.  Enter your information, then click Create an Account 
               a.  Your password must be: 
                          i.    A minimum length of this field must be equal or greater than 8 symbols 
                          ii.   Minimum of different classes of characters in password is 3

                                    1. Classes of characters: Lower Case, Upper Case, Digits, Special                                                        Characters 
                          iii.  Leading and trailing spaces will be ignored. 



TIP: Write down your login credentials in a save space! 


Do I need an account to place my order?  

You must have a Mariners Learning System account in order to purchase a product.