Bookmarking the Course Locker

Bookmarking the Course Locker page can greatly simplify your online learning experience, granting quick access to your classrooms and certificates.

How do I bookmark the Course Locker page? 

Depending on which web browser you are using, this will influence the steps for bookmarking. 


Step One: Identify what web browser you are using. We recommend Google Chrome! 

Once you have discovered which web browser you are on, you can locate the instructions below...


WARNING! We DO NOT recommend Microsoft Edge. 


Why do I want to bookmark the Course Locker page? 

Bookmarking the Course Locker page offers several benefits, making it a convenient and practical choice for users engaged in online learning.


Here's why you might want to bookmark the Course Locker page...

  • Easy Access to Classrooms: By bookmarking the Course Locker page, you can quickly access your classrooms with just a single click. This eliminates the need to type in the URL or search for the page every time you want to attend a class, saving you time and effort.

  • Efficient Certificate Retrieval: The Course Locker page contains your certificates for PDF download and the ability to resend your official grade email. By bookmarking this page, you ensure swift access to your certificates whenever you need them, whether for submitting to the Coast Guard or personal records.

  • Stay Organized: Bookmarking allows you to create a personalized list of frequently visited pages, helping you stay organized in your online learning endeavors. With the Course Locker page bookmarked, you can easily integrate it into your browsing routine.

  • Enhanced Productivity: By eliminating the need to search for the Course Locker page every time you require access to your classrooms or certificates, bookmarking enhances your overall productivity. You can devote more time to learning and less time navigating through web pages.

  • Prevent Forgetting: Bookmarking the Course Locker page serves as a reminder to engage with your online learning resources regularly. It ensures that you don't forget about your classes or neglect to download important certificates upon course completion.