Clearing Cache

Stuck in a login page loop? Sharing a computer with another student and seeing their information? Time to clear your cache!


How do I clear my cache? 

Here are instructions for to walk you through the steps for:  

If you are using a different web browser, we recommend switching to one of the ones above, preferably Google Chrome. 


What is cache? 

In the simplest term, cache is inside your device and is what stores your data for future requests. An example of this is when your login credentials auto-fill on our website! 


Why do I want to clear my cache? 

There are multiple reasons for clearing your cache on your device, such as it will increase your device's run time. 


NOTE: We recommend clearing your cache if you are stuck in a login loop on our page. 


Your device has an old or corrupt pathway saved that is not letting you login! Deleting this pathway and forming a new one will get you out of the loop.  


You may find yourself in this situation if you have recently reset your password or are logging into a device that another student’s login information was already on.  


TIP: Set your cache up to automatically clear out once a week.