Course Locker: Clearing Cache

Clearing Cache: Your Solution for Login Page Loop and Privacy Concerns

Encountering a login page loop or unexpectedly seeing another student's information on a shared computer? It's time to clear your cache!


How do I clear my cache? 

We've got you covered with step-by-step instructions for:

If you are using a different web browser, we recommend switching to one of the ones above, preferably Google Chrome. 


What is cache? 

Put simply, it's a storage space inside your device that holds data for future requests. Ever had your login details automatically fill in on a website? That's cache in action!


Why do I want to clear my cache? 

Well, there are several reasons. For one, it can improve your device's performance and runtime.


NOTE: We recommend clearing your cache if you are stuck in a login loop on our page. 


This issue often occurs when your device retains an outdated or corrupted pathway, preventing successful login attempts. By deleting this pathway and establishing a fresh one, you can break free from the loop.


This situation may arise if you've recently reset your Course Locker password or if you're logging into a device that already has another student's login information stored.


TIP: Set your cache up to automatically clear out once a week.