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Getting Access to the Online Exam

  1. Navigate to MarinersLearningSystem.com and sign into, or create, your account. 
  2. Search for the Course or Online Exam you would like to purchase and add it to your cart: 

    Shopping Cart
  3. Go to Checkout and fill out the Shipping and/or Billing information. 
  4. After completing the purchase, you will receive an email with the Order Confirmation Details, like this:

    Order Confirmation Email
    1. This email is sent to the email associated to your Mariners Learning System account. 
  5. Afterwards, you will receive another email that contains the Course Activation Code and Control Code: 

    Course Codes Email
    1. These codes do not need to be registered and are only for informational purposes. The course is automatically added to your account on MarinersLearningSystem.com upon purchase. 
  6. Head to your Account Dashboard page on MarinersLearningSystem.com and click on the Access My Courses link:
    Access My Courses-1
  7. This takes you to the eCampus portion of the MLS system. Click the "Activate Course" button next to the appropriate course or exam you just purchased:

    Access My Courses
    1. You will receive this notification in the upper right-hand corner of your screen if it was successful: 

      Successfully Activated Code
  8. Your course locker will then allow you to enter into the classroom/test:

    Enter Classroom
    1. Click the "Enter Classroom" button to launch the course/test. 
  9. Read the Exam Directions and then click the "Element" link when you are ready to being the exam: 
    Exam Directions

Congratulations! You are ready to begin your exam. For next steps, click Launching Lockdown Browser