Determining compass deviation from a natural range

Determining compass deviation from a natural range


There is a question that tells you there are two lights inline, and gives you a compass heading, then asks for deviation. I know this is a "standard" word problem, but I can't figure out what type of question this is.


This problem is used to determine your understanding of three navigational issues that are very common in plotting... First, if you have a known bearing on two objects that are in a straight line (range) and see a different bearing when using you vessels compass that this is due to a compass error. In this case that compass error would be deviation. Next, the question is checking your knowledge and ability to determine the amount of deviation. Finally, you need to be determine whether the direction of deviation is easterly or westerly.

Go into the online Navigation for the Mariner workbook and review page 62 and review how to solve this type of question. An example and solution are also provided on the bottom of this page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although this material is covered within the Navigation for the Mariner workbook... This will NOT be a topic which you are tested on so for those of you who are struggling with this you can safely skip pages 62 and 63 in your workbook. When you complete the module if you wish you can come back and everything will make much more sence.