System Requirements

System Requirements

Computer & Sound Equipment

You will be able to work in your courses on your desktop, laptop, tablet (iPad) or your smart phone. All you need is a recent browser. We recommend Google Chrome. Here is where you can download a free upgrade if you fall below the minimum version:

• Minimum Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0

• Minimum Mozilla Firefox 25.0

• Minimum Google Chrome 30.0

• Minimum Apple Safari 6


All lectures are accompanied by an audio version, some have videos. All you need is sound; ear buds or headphones if you like or if you are in a noisy environment.

Internet Connection

If you can comfortably watch a YouTube video – you will be able to view course videos without trouble. If you have an unpredictable internet connection, you will still be able to work through lessons and quizzes, you will just need patience.