Lectures & Videos

Lectures & Videos

Lesson Lectures

Here are the components of the Lesson Lectures:

  1. All pages have links in the table of contents
  2. All pages have a page reference
  3. Except for the Lesson Plan and Lesson Syllabus, all pages have a link to the audio reading of the page contents.
  4. Many lecture pages have a link for a video
  5. All pages have buttons at the bottom to navigate back and forth in the lecture


Lecture Videos

The video will open in a page by itself. When you are done viewing, use the Return to lesson button to go back to your place in the lesson. Or use the breadcrumb link to go back to the course page. Not all lectures have videos associated with them.


Lecture Additional Resources

The last page in each lecture will have buttons to download lecture resources for viewing, listening or reading offline. Click that End lesson button and mark the Lecture as complete. You’ll find a link to move on to the Lesson quiz as well.


All course pages have a button at the bottom to help you quickly return to the course main page.