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Captain's Application Process: Written Requirement

How do I show I have passed the written requirement through Mariners Learning System?  

Printed Certificate Product ImageUpon successful completion of the Mariners Learning System course and passing our USCG approved final proctored exam, you will be issued a certificate that will be attached with your application packet to the Coast Guard.  


TIP: Your Course Completion Certificate can be located within your Course Locker page. 


Where can I locate my official Mariners Learning System certificate(s)? 

Your Mariners Learning System certificate(s) can be located at the bottom of your Course Locker. Follow these instructions to view your certificate or re-send the email with your scores. 


  1. Log in to your account

  2. In your Course Locker, Course Certificates can be found at the bottom of the page
    1. Click "VIEW CERTIFICATE" to open up the PDF file 
    2. Click "RESEND EMAIL" to email yourself the grades for that exam
Course Locker - Course Certificates


If you entered into your classroom, you have gone TOO far. 


NOTE: Your certificate will be PDF format.