Sailing Endorsement General Information

What is a general overview of the Sailing Endorsement? 

The Sailing Endorsement is required if you want to operate an Inspected Sailing Vessel. This endorsement allows the licensed Master to carry 7 or more passengers while under sail on an inspected vessel.  



What does the Sailing Endorsement allow me to do? 

Licensed Masters or mates may also be endorsed for sail or auxiliary sail, as appropriate. This endorsement authorizes the holder to operate inspected sail or auxiliary sailing vessels within the scope and limitations of their license. 


Should I get the Sailing Endorsement? 

If you have a 25/50 or 100 ton Masters license and wish to run charters on inspected sailboats with 7 or more passengers then this is the course for you! 


Where can this endorsement be issued?  

The Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement is attached to your existing Masters level license and will take on those areas of operation.