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OUPV/Six-Pack Upgrade to 25/50/100 Ton Masters General Information

What is a general overview of the OUPV/Six-Pack Upgrade to 25/50/100 Ton Masters? 

The OUPV Upgrade to 25/50 or 100 Ton Masters course is for those who wish to upgrade their existing OUPV/Six-Pack to a Master level license. Depending on your experience, it will be issued as a 25, 50, or 100-ton license. The Master level license is required to operate an inspected vessel that carries seven or more paying passengers. 


I got my OUPV/Six-Pack, how do I upgrade to a Masters license?  

If you have already gotten your OUPV/6-Pack license and are looking to raise your grade to a Masters license, you can do our OUPV Upgrade to 25/50/100 Ton Masters online course/exam.  


Can I increase from an OUPV/Six-Pack to Masters license with no additional boating experience?  

This answer all depends on which OUPV you currently have and which Masters you wish to obtain. 


Ultimately, you will need to meet the sea service requirements for the Masters license.