OUPV/Six-Pack: Online Testing

Breakdown of OUPV/Six-Pack Final Exam Modules: Understanding the Structure

How hard is the OUPV/Six-Pack test?   

The test for the OUPV/Six-Pack captain’s license is challenging and requires you to possess a lot of knowledge about being a boat captain, but it is less difficult if you prepare. Some captains report that the questions related to plotting are especially hard and recommend studying those thoroughly.   


If you take the Mariners Learning System course, you will have a good sense of what the questions on the exam will be and should be well-prepared. 


Where can I see the testing module breakdown for the OUPV/6-Pack final exam? 

The OUPV/Six-Pack final exam is broken down into 4 modules:  



You can view the OUPV/Six-Pack testing by going to the following link and clicking the Online Testing tab. 


How long does the OUPV/Six-Pack final exam take?  

The average student takes around 2 - 2.5 hours to complete the OUPV/Six-Pack final exam.