OUPV/Six-Pack Online Course

Can I get my Six-Pack captain’s license online? 

Coast Guard Approved TestingThe Mariners Learning System suite of USCG-approved courses offers an alternative to having to take time off, drive to a classroom, and sit in a class with an instructor. These courses are structured for those pursuing a professional career in commercial boating operations and for recreational boaters wishing to increase their knowledge.  


Once you complete our online course, you will test online at home for our exam. 


How much does the OUPV/Six-Pack Deluxe Edition cost and what is included? 

The OUPV/Six-Pack Deluxe Edition costs $595 + shipping. You will receive one year's access to our award-winning Internet based narrated lecture and interactive learning system.  


Additionally, you will be shipped 5 hard copy books, a chart, and chart plotting tools in an MLS Classic Briefcase Bag.  

  OUPV Deluxe Edition

The OUPV/Six-Pack standard digital course/exam costs $495. You will receive one year's access to our award-winning Internet based narrated lecture and interactive learning system and a chart in the mail. 


Click on the following link, go to the Course Options tab, there you will see all that is included. 


NOTE: There is NO additional fee for our final proctored exam!


How long does the OUPV/Six-Pack online course take?  

You have one year to complete our course and pass our final exam online. The average student takes 25 - 30 hours to complete the OUPV/Six-Pack course.  


We have had students take as little as 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months to complete this program. It is done at your own pace on your own time.  


What course subjects are included within the OUPV/Six-Pack course?   

There are five main course subjects included within the OUPV/Six-Pack program. Those are navigational rules of the road, aids to navigation and chart plotting, electronic navigation, characteristics of weather systems, and lifesaving equipment and safety.   


Can I buy each OUPV/Six-Pack module individually?     

We do not sell each module of the OUPV/6-Pack separately.