Captain's Online Training Myths Debunked

Get the Facts with Mariners Learning System

Are all online courses the same? 

Myth: All online courses are the same. 

Reality: Not all online courses are the same! While most organizations use formats that offer little more than text heavy electronic correspondence courses, the Mariners Learning System uses colors, graphics, animations, and simulations. This makes it much more enjoyable to learn and easier to understand the course content! 

Myth Debunked! 

Myth #1


Is taking online courses settling for a lesser education? 

Myth: Taking online courses is settling for a lesser education. 

Reality: The Mariners Learning System content is comparable to that found in face-to-face classrooms in terms of material covered.  

Only it surpasses the classroom atmosphere by providing various methods of learning. You can listen to audio lectures, watch training videos, or read from the companion workbook.  

With Mariners Learning System you learn at your own pace at your own time. Whereas in classrooms, since people take in information at different speeds, some feel held back while others can’t keep up.  

Myth Debunked! 

Myth #2


With online education, am I going to be on my own?  

Myth: With online education, you are doing it alone, and it isn’t engaging as face to face.  

Reality: Over 7 million people take online courses in the US alone. With Mariners Learning System, you are not doing it alone by any measure. We have a robust network of resources in place to support you.  

In the rare even our online course doesn’t answer your question, you can reach instructors through online and by phone! 

Myth Debunked! 

Myth #3

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