Captain's On-Demand Online Testing

Your Flexible Assessment Solution

Do I need to register ahead of time?  

Online Proctored Exam GraphicWe understand how challenging it is to test around your busy schedule. That is why all of our online proctored exams are Coast Guard approved and offered in an on-demand format.  

Online Proctored Exam No Registration

The Mariners Learning System captain’s license exams revolve around your time and availability.  NO pre-registration is required.  


Are there set times I can take my exam online?  

You can take the on-demand Mariners Learning System final proctored exam whenever you are ready! Day, night, weekday, weekend, or holiday.  


Can I test anywhere in the world?  

Online Proctored Exam WorldAre you planning on taking a family vacation? Have a work trip scheduled? No worries! With Mariners Learning System, you can take your final proctored exam online from anywhere in the world at any time on any day.  


Where can I learn more about online testing?  

Upon completion of your online captain’s license course, a section will unlock that goes in-depth about online testing, what is involved, etc.  


Here is a video overview about online testing.