Mariners Learning System - Overview

A Comprehensive Overview of Mariners Learning System's E-Learning Solutions

What is some general information about Mariners Learning System? 

Student CompassMariners Learning System offers Coast Guard-approved captain's licensing courses that can be taken online in the comfort of your own home or on the road at your own pace. 


More than 200,000+ boaters have taken our course. Our students enjoy a 98.7% success rate passing their final exam on the first try.  


We feel that teaching understanding and not just how to pass an exam has contributed to that success. 


What are the benefits of using Mariners Learning System?  

We’ve been educating boaters for two decades and teaching courses online since 2005! Take a look at some of the benefits students gain by using Mariners Learning System: 

  • First program in the nation to receive the Coast Guard’s coveted approval for online education AND online testing 
  • 200,000+ successful graduates since 2006
  • Course completion rate of 98.7% 
  • Student National Test Average of 94.7%
  • 10,000 Currently Active Students 
  • Practical Sailor - Best Choice Award 


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What makes the Mariners Learning System unique? 

Are you feeling stressed from not being able to learn at your own pace? Think that classrooms are too stuffy? Don’t find the materials engaging? Then make the switch to e-learning with the Mariners Learning System. 


Mariners Learning System Colorful CourseMariners Learning System offers the most comprehensive USCG-approved captain’s license courses. Our courses use colors, graphics, animations, and simulations that make learning easy and enjoyable. MLS content is comparable to that found in face-to-face classrooms in terms of the material covered, but it surpasses the classroom atmosphere by providing various methods of learning. You can listen to audio lectures, watch training videos, or read from the companion workbook. 


Worried that online education won’t be as engaging as face-to-face courses? This is a myth! With Mariners Learning System, you are not going it alone by any measure. 


NOTE: We have a robust network of resources in place to support you. 


You get access to our online instructors, and you can call us toll-free to speak to our staff during business hours. All our instructors are USCG-licensed Masters that have gone through a rigorous approval process, meeting the standards of the United States Coast Guard.  


Want to check it out? Have access to a 24-hour free trial for yourself. 


How does Mariners Learning System work? 

DevicesWith Mariners Learning System your online classroom, training videos, and broadcast quality, on-demand audio lectures aren't just available on your PC or Mac. They're also available on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and most other portable devices and smart phones. 


So, wherever you go - even if you're just sitting in traffic - we offer a true Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device learning solution! 


How do I get my captain’s license through Mariners Learning System? 

Once you pass our proctored exam, you will receive a Mariners Learning System certificate recognized by the United States Coast Guard.  


Simply submit, within one year, the original certificate along with your application package and applicable fees to the USCG Regional Exam Center. Upon their approval of your package, they will send you your original license.  


Check out the video below on how to turn your dream into a reality and get your captain's license today!