LockDown Browser Troubleshooting

Ensuring Smooth Exam Sessions with Mariners Learning System

Troubleshooting for the LockDown Browser:

  1. Complete our System Check

  2. Confirm you are on a private internet connection
    1. The LockDown Browser will not work with any public internet connections, including but not limited to internet connections at schools, work, coffee shops, etc.
  3. You must be on a up-to-date laptop or desktop 
    1. The LockDown Browser does NOT work on mobile devices; this includes phones and tablets (iPad, Chromebook, etc.)
  4. Confirm your camera and microphone are working correctly
    1. With your camera, you will also need to make sure there is appropriate lighting so the camera can clearly see your face

  5. Use the following up-to-date web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
    1. Other browsers, such as Edge/Internet Explorer/Opera/etc., tend to have compatibility issues with the browser

  6. You can not have any streaming extensions/software running in the background
    1. These will need to be closed out fully in order for the browser to work correctly

Before you launch the LockDown Browser, you can check the LockDown Browser system to make sure you are ready to go on your specific device. Once you open your exam activity, you can click on "Check your LockDown Browser Setup" and run through the steps before clicking "Launch LockDown Browser":  



What is the LockDown Browser?

The LockDown Browser is a tool that is used for our exams. The LockDown Browser allows our students to take their exams without the need of an in-person proctor, allowing exams to be taken anytime at the students convenience.


NOTE: Upon activation, students agreed that they have an up-to-date desktop or laptop with a working camera and microphone. Additionally, students have access to a strong Internet connection and the ability to download testing software through their MLS account. These are mandatory for recorded online courses and testing. Refunds will not be issued if these cannot be met, as information has been provided before purchase stating these requirements.