Captain's Online Testing General Software Information

Learn About Mariners Learning System's User-Friendly Proctored Exams

Will the downloaded software lock down my device? 

The downloaded MLS software will lock down your desktop or laptop from specific applications before you can continue. Examples of these include screen capture programs, instant messaging, video conferencing, and more. Pretty much everything that lets you communicate with the outside world will be restricted.  


What can I expect from the downloaded software? 

Once the software closes out all other applications from your device, it will take you through a system and webcam check. These checks will ensure everything is running correctly before taking your final exam. You will need to agree to the terms of use, show your ID, and recording a 360-degree video of your area.  


While taking your exam, you CANNOT:  

Online Proctored Exam Lock Down
  • Print 
  • Use other applications 
  • Visit other websites 
  • Search the Internet for answers 


Am I recorded during the online final captain’s license exam? 

Due to the nature of on-demand testing, your testing session will be recorded and reviewed by the proctor after. Once the exam begins, don’t give the webcam another thought. Upon exam completion, your camera will shut off. Your footage will be submitted to Mariners Learning System for review and grading. 


Do I find out my grade immediately?  

Online Proctored Exam ReviewalOnce you complete the exam, your footage will be submitted to Mariners Learning System for review and grading. Once MLS reviews your footage, your scores will be issued.  


We appreciate your patience during this process.