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FCC Application Process: Schedule E

You can download and print Schedule E here.  


What is Schedule E?  

The Schedule E Form is used for all FCC credentials, both for original first time FCC applications and for license modifications. Page 1 cover instructions; page 2 is the actual sections we need completed. We DO NOT need the instructions sent back to us, please only send back the filled out forms. 


How do I complete this form? 

Fill out this form to the best of your ability. These forms are used for a variety of licenses within the FCC world, therefore, we do not require all sections. The fillable form highlights the key components we need. 


What do I select for #1: Operator Class Code? 

Number 1 is where you tell us which FCC license you are exactly applying for. We only offer the left-hand column, so you must check ONLY one box. 

Operator Class Code

Do I check off anything for #2: Endorsement Type? 

You will leave Endorsement Type blank UNLESS you are requesting a Ship Radar Endorsement. If you are selecting a Ship Radar Endorsement, please select the corresponding box. 


Is there anything on section #3: Certification Category that I must complete?

In order to obtain an FCC license, you are required to be legal to work in the US. Therefore, you must select YES for "Are you eligible for employment in the United States?". Also, include your birthday. Finally, you have to check off the first option out of the three certification categories. 

Schedule E Section 3