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FCC Navigating the LockDown Browser

  1. Launch the LockDown Browser by clicking the "Launch LockDown Browser" button 
    1. Allow the site to open the LockDown Browser

      Open LockDown Browser 
    2. Locate the icons at the top left corner of the LockDown Browser 

      LockDown Browser Icons-1

  2. These icons will help you control the pages
    1. The leftward-facing and rightward-facing arrows will allow you to move backwards to the last page of the browser or move forward to the next page, respectively
      1. The rightward-facing arrow is only available when you have just used the leftward-facing arrow to move backwards a page
    2. The "X" icon will stop the current page from loading should it be frozen or if you mistakenly attempted to move backwards or forwards a page
    3. The circular arrow icon will allow you to refresh the page within the browser

      1. NOTE: This will reset all unsaved work on the page you are currently on

  3. The I Icon icon will load the LockDown Browser's browser information page where you can change the Zoom level or Language

    Respondus LockDown Browser Information 
  4. The A Icon icon will bring up the symbols page

    Respondus Insert Symbol
    1. The Insert Symbol page exists because keyboard commands for ASCII code will not work within the LockDown Browser
    2. Simply click the symbol you wish to insert and it will insert where the text cursor is located in the text box

  5. The "Help Center" button will launch the Help Center 

    Respondus Help Center 
    1. After choosing the "I'm using LockDown Browser with a webcam." option, it will take you to this screen

      Respondus Help Center Webcam
      1. From here you may run a Webcam Check, System Check, access the Knowledge Base, or contact Respondus Support for more help
    2. This option is only available BEFORE you begin your exam