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FCC Completing the Exam within the LockDown Browser

  1. After reaching Step 9 of the Startup Sequence, click the "Begin Exam" button in the center of your screen to begin the exam
    1. This will launch the exam within the LockDown Browser

  2. You will have full functionality of the testing environment as if you were completing any other quiz or exam without the LockDown Browser
    1. You can Flag a Question

      Flag Question
    2. You can quickly navigate to a question using the tabs on the right side of the screen

      Quiz Navigation

  3. When finished, press the "Finish attempt..." button on the bottom right of the exam

    Finish Attempt

  4. You may either choose to "Return to attempt" which will bring you back to your exam or "Submit all and finish" which will submit your answers and, if chosen by the proctor, bring you to the Review portion of the exam

    End Exam Options 
    1. Choosing to "Submit all and finish" will prompt you with a pop up asking you to confirm your choice to submit the attempt