Captain's Online Testing Certificates

Expedite a Certificate, Order a Hard Copy Version, and More!

Can I expedite my certificates?  

If you would like your certificate expedited after testing, you must pay the $45 expediting charge 24 hours prior to your final proctored exam. It will take 1 business day after the test for your certificate to be emailed to you, along as we have all the necessary information needed.  


Contact our office to expedite your certificate. 


How can I order a printed certificate?  

Printed Certificate Product ImageIf you would like a hard copy of your certificate mailed, you can purchase it here.  



The name on my certificate is wrong, how do I get it changed?  

Please contact with a photocopy of a valid ID that has your picture. They will reach out regarding next steps. 


I never submitted my certificate to the Coast Guard, and it expired, now what?  

Unfortunately, because you are outside of that one-year time, you will need to redo everything, except you can still use your sea time. Since you did take the course with us initially, we offer a discounted rate of half off the original list price of the Deluxe Editions. You would need to call the office at 609-303-0664 if you would like this option.