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Captain's Classroom Quizzes

How do I navigate through the Mariners Learning System quizzes?

All Lesson Quizzes start with a page of instructions that will also tell you how many attempts you have made to complete the quiz.




All the questions in the quiz will appear on one page. The total number of questions is indicated on the right. Click those question numbers on the right to jump back to a question you’ve missed.




Select your answer choice for each question. You may change your answer as often as you like until clicking Finish attempt at the end.




After you click Finish attempt, the quiz will tell you if you have missed answering any questions. You may return to the attempt or click the question number in the box on the right. Then, click Submit all and finish.




When you finish the attempt, you will be able to see what questions you missed. You may review now, or return to review this attempt later by clicking the Lesson Quiz link on the course page.




If you click a Lesson Quiz link for a quiz you have attempted, you will see your results, a link to review each attempt and a button to attempt again.




NOTE: In order to successfully pass the quiz, you  must score a 90% or higher. Then, the system will automatically check it as complete.