Captain's Online Testing Overview

Streamlined Assessment Process with Mariners Learning System

Can I take the MLS final proctored exam online?  

Mariners Learning System was the FIRST company in the country to receive the coveted Coast Guard approval to offer online testing upon online course completion!  


What are the benefits of taking MLS testing online?  

There are a variety of benefits for testing online vs. in-person. There is NO need to:

  • Pick a time in advance
  • Take time off from work 
  • Travel 
  • Get stuck in traffic 



Is online testing legitimate?  

It’s perfectly normal to have doubts and concerns about online testing. Mariners Learning System has run thousands of online proctored exams over the years. We have developed an approved method that produces predictable results every time. 


Do I need to take the Coast Guard's exam if I am enrolled with Mariners Learning System? 

Mariners Learning System has gone through the painstaking vetting process of the United States Coast Guard and has received their coveted approval to offer captain's licensing courses


NOTE: This means by taking one of our courses, there is NO Coast Guard Exam


Once you pass our ONLINE proctored exam, you will receive a Mariners Learning System certificate recognized by the United States Coast Guard.  


Simply submit, within one year, the original certificate along with your application package and applicable fees to the USCG Regional Exam Center. Upon their approval of your package, they will send you your original license. 

Watch the video below that will explain how this process works. 




Does Mariners Learning System write their own exams?  

Mariners Learning System wrote our final exam based off our online course.  


We believe that if you have gone through the course and did everything you were supposed to, you should have little trouble on our exam! 


How hard is the final proctored exam? 

Passing the test requires study, but you can do it. Taking an approved course will help you be prepared to pass the test (for example, more than 60,000 students have taken a Mariners Learning System online course since 2002, with a 98.7% success rate). 


TIP: If you follow what we ask you to do in our online course, you will be very prepared for our final exam.  


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When do I need to test by for my captain’s license final exam?  

You MUST complete our online course and pass our final proctored exam by the date of your expiration. If you do not do both by then, you can order a course extension


Is there a separate fee for captain’s license testing?  

There is NO additional fee to take Mariners Learning System’s final exam! That was included in your course purchase. 


How many times can I take the final exam?  

You have up to three attempts to pass the final proctored exam. You will only need to retest the module(s) that you did not pass.  


We believe that if you have gone through the course and did everything you were supposed to, you should have little trouble on our exam! 


I failed my third attempt, now what?  

If you do not pass an exam module after three attempts, you must retake the entire online course. You will need to wait a period of 45 days before taking your original attempt of all modules. You must complete the online course and pass our final proctored exam PRIOR to your expiration date.