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Captain's Classroom Lectures, Audios, and Videos

How do I access the Mariners Learning System lectures, audios, and videos?


Lesson Lectures

Here are the components of the Lesson Lectures:

  1. All pages have links in the table of contents
  2. All pages have a page reference
  3. Except for the Lesson Plan and Lesson Syllabus, all pages have a link to the audio reading of the page contents.
  4. Many lecture pages have a link for a video
  5. All pages have buttons at the bottom to navigate back and forth in the lecture



Every lecture will start with a Lesson Plan on page one and Learning Syllabus on page two. 


NOTE: The Lesson Plan will have a line item called "Reference Material", which states which hard copy or digital book you will be in and what page numbers to follow along with. 


Lecture Videos

The video will open in a page by itself. When you are done viewing, use the Return to lesson button to go back to your place in the lesson. Or use the breadcrumb link to go back to the course page. Not all lectures have videos associated with them.



End of Lecture

The last page in each lecture will have a button to move onto the Lesson quiz or return to the course. 


Lecture Additional Resources

There is a download folder for each section where students can take audio and/or videos offline. While it is not necessary to download these items, as they are found throughout your lecture, some students find it beneficial when they are not connected to the Internet.