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Captain's Begin Your Online Classroom

How to I begin studying my captain's license course? 

For the purposes of this tutorial we will be using screenshots from the OUPV/Six-Pack program. Depending on your course, the imagery used within these examples may appear different than what is in you classroom. However, ALL courses work the same way. 


TIP: Maximize your browser screen for the best experience.


Entering Your Classroom

When you first enter your course, all of the modules will appear as below, with an open/close button for each module.



Click the arrow to open or close a module. If you leave the course with a module open, that module will still be open when you return – to help you track where you left off.



Lesson Module Contents

In each Lesson there are a Lecture, Reading and Quiz link. There is a progress box to the right of each of these links. When you view the Lecture or Reading, the progress box can be checked to help you keep track of your progress. This is a manual operation which you should check ONLY when you feel that you have a complete understanding of the material presented within that lecture.


NOTE: The Quiz progress box will only be checked off by the system when you pass that quiz with a minimum score of 90%. You CANNOT manually check this box off yourself.




Module Exam

At the end of most Modules is an exam. The exam is similar in function to the Lesson Quizzes, however, the link for the exam will not be active until you have completed all the required Lesson Quizzes within that module.


The detail under the Module Exam will tell you what is required; the check mark symbol in the module will show you what Lesson quizzes are complete.




Lesson Plan

Always begin your course by clicking on Module I: (1.1) Lesson 1 - Lecture. On the first page of every lecture you will find a Lesson Plan, which describes how you should navigate through that particular lecture. It will also dictate which hard copy and electronic study guides you will use to follow along. 


The Lesson Plan will plot your course to success! Follow it carefully and you will be well prepared to take and pass your final proctored exam.





Badges appearing in the Latest badges block are awarded you if you achieve the required score on the Module exam. You will not be awarded the Module Final Exam badge until all Module exams are complete. Your earned badges also appear on your dashboard. These badges track personal milestones!




Proctored Exam Authorization Certificate

At the end of all courses you will find a link to a the proctored exam authorization certificate. The link for the certificate will not be active until you have completed all the required Module exams. The certificate is required in order to take the proctored exam.


The detail under the Certificate will tell you what is required; the check mark symbol in the module will show you what Module exams are complete.