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Downloadable MLS App

Does Mariners Learning System have an app? 

App on the BeachWe just launched our NEW app. MLS courses are available on any device. When you download the companion app to the MLS courses, you’ll get unlimited access to course content wherever you are.  Download materials and take them with you to learn on the go. Learn offline and then sync your progress when within range of Wi-Fi. 


Use our unique app to test your knowledge and knowhow! Our flashcards allow you to test yourself on any course or topic MLS covers with our app. You can set your own testing parameters and immediately see your answers when you’re back online to understand what you’ve mastered and the lessons you need to improve on. 


App Log JourneyReady to cast off? Share your journey on the open water! Mark your progress, log your hours, track the course you have traveled on the water, and share your journey with images and videos on social media for your followers to see. Join the MLS community online through the app and invite family and friends to join in. 


Download our MLS app TODAY! Get it on: 

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