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Captain's Application Process Adult CPR/Basic First Aid

Which Adult CPR and Basic First Aid do I need? And where can I get it?  

Adult CPR and Basic First Aid IconYou are required to have a valid Adult CPR certification for your original license application. 


Also, you are required to have a Basic First Aid course completed within a year of submitting your application. 


The American Red Cross, Heart Association, and PADI all offer classroom courses that will meet both these requirements. 


How do I submit my Adult CPR and Basic First Aid card/certificate? 

You simply attach a photocopy of your Adult CPR and Basic First Aid card or certificate with the application package. There MUST be a course code or approval number on it. If not, it will be denied by the Coast Guard. 


Can I use my expired CPR and Basic First Aid card?  

When submitting to the Coast Guard and using your license in a professional capacity, you will need a valid Adult CRP and Basic First Aid card.