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Captain's Application Process: Adult CPR/Basic First Aid

Which Adult CPR and Basic First Aid do I need? And where can I get it?  

Adult CPR and Basic First Aid IconYou are required to have a valid Adult CPR certification for your original license application. 


A few locations to begin your class research would be the: 

  • American National Red Cross
  • American Heart Association
  • PADI
  • Coast Guard-approved CPR Training Course
  • Certification, dated within 12 months, as a qualified instructor to teach any of the above courses.


Also, you are required to complete a Basic First Aid course within a year of submitting your application. Even if your First Aid card is still valid, if it has been over 12 months since you obtained it, you will need to renew it.


Here are some recommended locations to start your class research:

  • American National Red Cross Standard First Aid and Emergency Care or Multi-media Standard First Aid Course
  • PADI
  • Coast Guard-approved CPR Training Course
  • Certification as a qualified instructor to teach any of the above courses,
    or evidence of continued competency in Basic Training


CAUTION: The Coast Guard wants the class to be in-person. If you find a hybrid or online format, contact the National Maritime Center to confirm it's acceptance  BEFORE you sign up for that class. 


How do I submit my Adult CPR and Basic First Aid card/certificate? 

You simply attach a photocopy of your Adult CPR and Basic First Aid card or certificate with the application package. There MUST be a course code or approval number on it. If not, it will be denied by the Coast Guard. 


Can I use my expired CPR and Basic First Aid card?  

When submitting to the Coast Guard and using your license in a professional capacity, you will need a valid Adult CRP and Basic First Aid card.


Do I need a new First Aid/CPR card to upgrade my existing license? 

You do not need to retake a First Aid and CPR class for upgrades or expansions of your existing license.


The requirement for providing First Aid and CPR certification only applies when initially applying for your first USCG license.


Do I need a current First Aid/CPR card when renewing my license? 

You do not need to submit a CPR/First Aid card to renew your license, but you will need to have a current one when working with your license.  


Where can I find the requirements for the First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)? 

They can be located within 46 CFR 11.201. 


*Note: This information is only provided as a guide. It is ultimately the applicant's responsibility to make sure they meet the requirements.