Logging Into Your Course

Logging Into Your Course

1. Go to www.marinerslearningsystem.com



2. In the upper right corner, click the person icon to login



3. Enter your email and password under Registered Customers, then click the Login button




4. You will automatically be taken to your My Dashboard page



5. Click on the Access My Courses in the upper right hand corner



6. You need to Register or Activate your course if you haven’t already. If you see the control code, your course has already been registered and you do not need to input the activation code and control code. This automatically happens if you order directly from our website. Once your course has been activated, simply click on the Course Name-Enter Classroom of the class you wish enter.




7. You can start work on the classroom when ready. You can view other on your user menu in the upper right corner, then select Dashboard. Here is where you will also Log Out of your classroom and Mariners Account.